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Edna Esselbach
Edna Esselbach

Welcome to Harriet’s House!

The original house on Put-in-Bay was built in 1878 by John and Mary Esselbach. Only five other women have owned Harriet’s House since 1878: Edna Esselbach, Harriet Tanchon, Linda Rectenwald, and now Linda’s daughters, Tiffany Alexander and Tara Nilson. What began as a little retirement venture for Linda and Denny in the Spring of 2002 has quietly become a complete hospitality operation.

In the Spring of 2005, the Island Suites were constructed to add accommodations for an additional 24 guest. Demand for lodging continued on Put-in-Bay, and especially downtown Put-in-Bay, which prompted the development in 2010 of a 6000 sq ft building holding 3 Townhouses and 5 Bungalows which serves the needs of 40 guests in luxury surroundings.

A photo of Chief Esselbach on horseback.
Chief Esselbach on Horseback

The 2014 season ushered in yet another addition to Harriet’s House. We purchased Admiral Bodee’s, located next door just to the west of our current property and renamed it “The Lodge”.

We now have the capabilities of introducing Put-in-Bay Island life to nearly 100 fun seekers! We truly have become a “Village Within a Village”. We look forward to welcoming you!

Many guests return year after year. You may arrive as strangers, but most leave as friends!

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