Our Support number (419) 341-2191
The weekend forecast couldn’t be better.  We have had guests the last few weeks and even though a little different, the Bay is coming alive.  We have taken the necessary precautions to make your stay at Harriet’s House as safe as humanly possible. Give us a call at 419-341-2191 or book on line. We started […]
There seems to be hope for a summer at the Bay. Governor DeWine is beginning to open up the State. We are eager to greet you on our Island Paradise for the summer of 2020. Rest assured that we will follow all procedures dictated by the State to insure your safety once our opening takes […]
As the sign says; The Wait Will Be Worth It!  Cabin fever has more than set in, but we will get through this together.When the all clear sign has been raised and we adjust to the new normal, the Bay and Harriet’s House will be waiting  for you and your friends.  In the mean time […]
Thanks to our Governor Mike DeWine and Doctor Amy Acton, we are beginning to flatten the curve and hope is starting to surface.  We know there are bridges yet to cross, but if we all continue to do our part “Put-in-Bay Will Come Alive”.  Thanks to all of those on the front lines that continue […]
Once we escape the corona virus pandemic there will an ice cold corona beer with a lime  in every room rented at Harriet’s House on Put-in-Bay the first weekend of operation. We will celebrate the exit from quarantine together! We will continue our reputation of being the cleanest hotel on the island. When we shut […]

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