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Put-in-Bay is starting to stir!

There seems to be hope for a summer at the Bay. Governor DeWine is beginning to open up the State. We are eager to greet you on our Island Paradise for the summer of 2020. Rest assured that we will follow all procedures dictated by the State to insure your safety once our opening takes place. We have been monitoring the recommended procedures for lodging establishments. We’ll be prepared to institute all recommendations to protect our guests and our employees once you arrive at Put-in-Bay. Check-in procedures will also look a little different from what we have done in the past. More details will follow in the next couple weeks.
Harriet’s House has always had a reputation of being the cleanest place on the Island. This pandemic has changed nothing in our procedures, as we continue to sanitize everything in your unit prior to your arrival. We have been cooped up for nearly two months. We can’t wait for all of us to spread our wings and get use to the new normal.
Many years ago, when our parents opened Harriet’s House they advertised; “You don’t need to bring your lysol or comet, we’re clean, really clean” Rest assured NOTHING HAS CHANGED!
See you soon friends for some fun in the sun!

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